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Hellfire Ramparts

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Hellfire Ramparts Empty Hellfire Ramparts

Post  Zlinket on Thu Nov 10, 2011 10:38 am

This is the easiest way to run through hellfire ramparts in my opinion. The instance itself is fairly easy once you have a decent tank , and as there should be loads of newly levelled death knights about you should have no problem finding one.

Firstly find the entrance to the instance or use the dungeon finder group, its located at Hellfire Cathedral in the center of Hellfire Penninsula
Once you get into the instance kill through the trash will come to the first boss Watch Keeper Gargolmar he is an easy boss to down as long as you kill his two adds first as they heal him. Kill him last and you will have no problem very easy boss.

Hellfire Ramparts Watchk10

Keep following the path again and you will head up a flight of stairs, there will be a lot of mobs once you get up the stairs you will look onto a platform. If your tank or healer isn't the best its important that you take the groups one at a time and pull back inside or you risk a wipe. If you want to do a quick run and just get the achievement go to your right and you will run across a bridge and see Omor the Unscarred he is the last boss

Hellfire Ramparts Omor10

but you dont have to do him last. Kill him and you get our achievement or if you want to do all bosses turn left first and you will come across Vazruden and Nazan , Nazan will fly in the sky firing fireballs as you fight Vazruden and will come down once he is killed.

Hellfire Ramparts Naz10

And that's it another achievement closer to completing them congrats!

Hellfire Ramparts Rampsa10

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