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Guide submission layout.

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Guide submission layout. Empty Guide submission layout.

Post  Zlinket on Thu Nov 10, 2011 10:12 am

Laying out your guide.

In this article we will go over how to layout your guides so that the users will all understand and know where and what things are.

< Please color code in the following ways ! >

Quest names : Cyan
Mobs : Red
Achievements : Orange
Items : Green
Npcs : Yellow

-1- Firstly the title of the guide should be descriptive and short for example if we are doing a guide about becoming exalted with Ironforge , the name would be Getting Exalted With Ironforge.

-2- For the main body of the guide , layout the guide in easy to read format , use paragraphs , commas , full stops and line breaks to make it small paragraphs and easy to read .

-3- For the information itself we should go through the guide step by step without leaving any bit of information out. So that people who have no idea of the procedure can understand - making it newbie friendly.

-4- In the paragraphs include pictures if any of the steps are particularly difficult to understand or find , we find it greatly helps peoples understanding if they can see a picture. It also helps to break the text up such as the picture halfway up so they are not overwhelmed by a massive block of text.

-5- -Optional- Lastly ofcourse you are given full credit for the guide you submit , please make sure none of the material is copyrighted , when you finish your guide at the bottom of your guide put "This guide was created by john" for example.

If your going to submit a guide please use this format.
Thanks a million for reading this article and we look forward to your contributions!

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